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“…James Padilla, another knockout with “No More Roxanne”…” – Don Grigware (BWW) reviewing LA’s Next Great Stage Star 2016

“James Padilla as Ash is the perfect handsome swaggering action hero.  He handles the goofy over the top comedy with ease and matches it with a gorgeous voice.”  – Jay Irwin (BWW) reviewing Evil Dead

“Lead by a strapping and satirically self-aware James Padilla — a perfect fit” – Tom Keogh (Seattle Times) reviewing Evil Dead

“As Ash, James Padilla, whose voice, presence and comic sense, carries the show with a tireless and vocally impressive display of endurance. Padilla never winks at his material, which is what makes his deadpan performance all the better.” – David Edward Hughes (Talkin’ Broadway) reviewing Evil Dead

“Padilla does a nice job projecting the square-jawed, deadpan, hunky Ash, though it doesn’t seem to bother him a bit that he’s swiftly having to shoot or dismember his girlfriend, sister, and best friend.” – Miryam Gordon (Seattle Gay News) reviewing Evil Dead

“James Padilla, who nailed Donavan to a tee on ‘Mellow Yellow,’ repeatedly filled the role of handsome front man, a sort of Mick Jagger meets James Dean.” – Alec Clayton (South Sound Arts) reviewing Into Something Good

“The leads of this production…James Padilla as Edward Rochester, do their roles justice. Vocally and visually, they fit well in this gothic musical…They deserve the spotlight in this show.” – Miryam Gordon (Seattle Gay News) reviewing Jane Eyre

“The leads…James Padilla as Edward Rochester…both extremely talented singers and had compelling stage chemistry.”  Jenny B. ( reviewing Jane Eyre

“… the perfect romantic lead… Padilla, has the vocal chops to match and is easy on the eyes, if you like tall, dark and handsome.” Miryam Gordon (Seattle Gay News) reviewing Annie Get Your Gun 

“Susan (Elizabeth Eden) and Peter (James Padilla), the perfect couple…” – Ellen Dostal (BWW)

“Completing Company’s cast alongside the terrific Dudenbostel and Tubbs are the equally marvelous Eden, Padilla, and Wagner, each with his or her own moments to shine.” – Steven Stanley (StageSceneLA)

“I better get a picture with him[James] because one day he is going to be more famous than me” – Brad Ellis (GLEE) judge of Hollywood’s Cabaret Idol 


2010 Broadway World Seattle Theatre Awards
* Best Leading Actor in a Musical – Evil Dead: The Musical
* Person to Watch
* Best Musical – Evil Dead: The Musical



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